Monthly Archives: May 2007

Take Another Look: Google Street View

I just read in MacUser, that Google Maps added another cool feature: Street View.

Basically, you enter an intersection or an address as you normally would, and then click “Street View,” and you get a pop-up that shows you a photograph of that intersection, complete with a cardinal axis superimposed over it.

For now, this only works in New York City, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Miami, and Denver. It is really very cool. Here’s a link to a street view of the 5th Avenue Apple Store in NYC.

Enter Exits

I just noticed that Google Maps now shows Interstate exit numbers. This is the one feature of Google Maps I was sorely missing, because I usually prefer to find my own optimal routes rather than relying on the Google’s search engine. I had sent an e-mail some time to suggest they add exit numbers. Other people must have felt the same way for I am sure Google did not add this just for me. Well done Google!

It’s ‘its’, stupid

As pointed out, my last language post was not about homonyms, but this one is. Continue reading

Review Do’s & Don’ts

Did you ever read a review for some product or service that ended by saying “Do your homework” or “Do your research”? This is of course a rhetorical question. The real question is, when did you last read a review that did not say that? Continue reading

Change Default Behaviour of Laptop Function Keys

Yesterday was the first time that I needed to use the F4 function key on my PowerBook for something else than lowering the volume. The problem is that by default, the F4 key does just that, it lowers the volume, so what to do? Continue reading

Where’s Your ‘their’?

Your usage of the word their that is. As in my earlier post about minimum/maximum/criterion, their should be added to the endangered species list of the English vocabulary. Continue reading

My Mac OS X Top X

In my first post I commented on being lucky to have found the right way, namely the way from Windows to the Mac. However, upon re-reading that post, it occurred to me that I have not given good reasons why I feel that way. Hence, this post explains some of the key features of Mac OS X that I have come to love and that, incidentally, are not available on the Windows platform. Continue reading