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Widescreen Macbook plays nice with projectors

Back in May I reviewed my top 10 favorite features of Mac OS X. One of my Mac OS X Top X was pertaining to the connection to external projectors, monitors, or TVs. Back then I did not have the opportunity to try this feature with a widescreen Mac. Now I am in that fortunate position. Continue reading

Does the World Need Tinted Rear Windows?

After writing yesterday’s post, today I observed cars and in particular their rears with a fresh keen sense. It seems to me now that the key factor inhibiting good forward looking habits are tinted rear windows. Practically all large cars such as SUVs, pick-up trucks, and mini-vans have them these days. The only exception are much older models which are rare. Tractor trailers and delivery vans are impenetrable anyway, so all that leaves is passenger cars. And I even saw some of those with tinted windows; Typically either luxury limousines or souped-up ghetto cars.


Continue reading

Why I Don’t Like SUVs, Pick-up Trucks, or Mini-Vans

Drive around town or the highway these days and seems that there are weigh more SUVs and the like than conventional passenger cars. The gas prices do not seem to be high enough, or have not been high enough for long enough to affect people sufficiently to change their means of transportation.

But this is not an article about fuel economy or about being ecologically conscious. It is about the safety, or lack thereof of sharing the road with these large cars. Continue reading

Create PDFs with working hyperlinks in Mac OS X

After switching to the Mac, I was very happy to notice that creation of PDF files was built right into the print dialog and part of the operating system. So unlike Windows, you don’t have to purchase to exorbitantly priced Adobe Acrobat to create PDF files. However, one problem I recently discovered is that when printing a webpage, HTML hyperlinks are not preserved and thus are not clickable in the produced PDF. This makes the saved page much less useful, because valuable information is now missing

Here is a three step procedure (using Firefox), that preserves hyperlinks:

  1. Go to file, and choose “Safe Page as…” and then choose “Web Page, complete” as the format.
  2. Open the saved page in Pages
  3. Choose “Export”, and then “PDF”
  4. This probably could be simplified a lot with an AppleScript, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to do this.

    An alternate method using Fink is described here (Mac OS X Hints).

Where are the real ‘Events’?

It seemed that a disproportionate amount of time at this week’s Apple Special Event was spend on the new Events feature in iPhoto ’08. Now, while I personally do not use iPhoto, other than for some iLife and iWork integration, and to order an occasional picture book, it seems like a rather mature application.

I am not complaining about the usefulness of Events, they certainly are. But what I do complain about is that Apple tries “Sell its customers for stupid” to use an old German expression, meaning, they act as if we, the customers are stupid, and do not realize that this grand new feature is really rather simple. Continue reading

iMovie ’08 Update: Apple indirectly admits shortcomings

I just read on Macworld that Apple offers iMovie HD as a free download to iLife ’08 customers. This seems equivalent to admitting that this upgrade is none, why else would you want to download an 18 month old program when you just upgraded?

The referenced article also has a good discussion on the topic. The best I’ve seen to date on this. From this I learned even more shocking news: Continue reading

iMovie ’08 = utter disappointment

My initial joy of the redesigned iMovie ’08 UI with clip browser did not last very long. Last night I checked out the tutorials and the getting started manual, and after reading some research today it appears all too clear that iMovie ’08 did away with the timeline. Inconceivable! Continue reading