Monthly Archives: November 2007

Edit Google Maps Locations

This just in from MacWorld: Now you can edit the location of your house, business, etc on Google Maps as long as you have an account with Google. Continue reading

A Linguistic Treasure Chest

A coworker just pointed out this site to me: Common Errors in English. A treasure chest for someone obsessed with proper use of language.

Also very interesting is this list of non-errors!


The Wait is Over: FCE 4.0 is Here

Finally, after waiting for over 6 months Apple released an update to FCE 3.5, now offering Final Cut Express 4.0. I am thrilled. In the past months I have been trying to find out if it would make sense to buy version 3.5. In many different discussions and elsewhere people said, FCE is likely dead and may never be upgraded. Thankfully they were wrong.
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