“TV Safe Area” Nuisance in iDVD

When creating a DVD menu in iDVD, there is an option from the Tools menu called “Show TV Safe Area”. What this means is that pretty much anything outside that box won’t show up on your TV. It also won’t show up on you computer when testing the DVD from a disk image.

What I want to know is this: Are there actually TVs that can display stuff outside that box? According to Apple there might be:

On televisions capable of displaying images beyond the TV Safe Area, the image will simply appear centered on a black background.

I have have yet to find one that does. You’d think it has to do with TV overscanning, yet that is not a problem on my iMac, yet, it also does not display outside the box. In that case, if there aren’t, or at least if most aren’t, then why is that box not being displayed on default, or rather, why does iDVD even allow you to place items outside that box?

It’s a nuisance, because I don’t use iDVD too often and I usually forget about the TV Safe area until after I rendered my DVD. Usually I catch this prior to burning when testing the disk image, but still, I have to wait for it to render again.

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