Daily Archives: March 6, 2008

12″ PB HDD Upgrade

Here’s an interesting first hand report on upgrading the hard drive in a 12″ PowerBook. It’s the same kind of laptop I have had for a number of years now and I also have been wondering if it is a worthwhile effort. After searching online and reviewing upgrade guidelines I had decided that it was too much trouble and instead opted for cleaning up my hard drive to remove electronic clutter. Fortunnately, I had enough foresight to order a built-to-order laptop with the largest HDD offered at the time, 100 GB, still not to bad even by today’s standards. If all it takes is one hour, the procedure may not be as bad as I thought is was, we’ll see…

UN Makes Databases Publicly Accessible

“The DESA Statistics Division has just launched a new internet-based data service for the global user community. It brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point. Users can search and down load a variety of statistical resources of the UN system. […] Since its foundation, the United Nations system has been collecting statistical information from member states on a variety of topics. The information thus collected constitutes a considerable information asset of the organization.” [reference]

The database can be accessed here: http://data.un.org

The first couple of search terms I tried all failed b/c they are not part of the database. Until it is extended with more data, it seems more useful to browse rather than search. Fortunately, an overview of the covered areas is included and can be browsed in a handy hierarchical way. Data can be filtered by year and country, and once desired results have been identified they can be downloaded for further analysis.

Time Capsule = Simple Home Server

Apple advertises its Time Capsule product primarily as a simple backup companion solution to its Leopard Time Machine Application. While this is certainly a great application, this Apple Insider Article points another great application, namely Time Capsule’s use as a simple server for home users. Continue reading