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Aperture Library Size Considerations

I’ve been toying around with Trial Version of Apple’s Aperture for some time now, but still am not convinced that it is worth upgrading from my iView MediaPro/iPhoto workflow. Prior to Aperture 2.0, speed was my main concern with Aperture 1.5 running painstakingly slow on my iMac G5 (iSight). After version 2.0 came out I gave it another try and I find the speed improvements quite remarkable, however, my 12″ G4 PowerBook does not meet the minimum specs and Aperture won’t install on it. Even if I could bypass the hardware check, I am not sure that it would be a very satisfying experience.

The size of the Aperture Library is another issue altogether. Continue reading

Inspire 1394 Mac Driver Updated to 1.1

Half a year ago I purchased an Presonus Inspire 1394 Firewire Audio Interface. The original driver had a small glitch that caused the Mike gain knobs to become dysfunctional whenever the control panel was put into “Win Shade Mode”, i.e., the reduced size window showing only the gain knobs, but hiding the mixer:

Dysfunctional Mike Gain Knobs in Version 1.0

Here’s how it should look and now does in the corrected 1.1 release:

Proper Mike Gain Knobs in Version 1.1

On a side note, the application name has been changed from “” to “Inspire 1394 Control Panel” such that simply copying the application into the application folder will not overwrite the old version. This also means that any links in the dock must be updated separately. I learned this the hard way, because I updated to version 1.1 some time ago, but only yesterday noticed the improved functionality.

Chemical Engineering at UD Ranked 10th in Nation

UDaily reports that the chemical engineering graduate program has been ranked 10th in the nation, tied with the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign.

Xcode — Rename Project and Application, Change Copyright and Version Number

After reading the first 6 chapters in Aarons book, I couldn’t wait any longer and had to start writing my own program. I will share a first taste of it here soon. One key problem I soon faced was how to manage multiple versions, i.e., how to save old versions of my program when making major changes. Xcode has no rename functionality, and since an Xcode project comprises many files, the answer is not straightforward. A related problem is that I first started to call my Cocoa Application project by appending the version number. The problem with that is that the Cocoa application by default has the same name and that was awkward. For instance, my current project, a fractal generator, is called “FracGen 0p3”, but I wanted the application to be called only “FracGen” and have the version number appear when selecting the “About” menu item. Continue reading

Cocoa at Last

This is my first article in a while now. The reason is that I finally got into learning how to program in Cocoa for Mac OS X. Only recently did I manage pass the initially steep learning curve. Now things are easier and I make noticeable progress almost daily. I keep adding to my long time pet project, a fractal generator. Continue reading