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What’s so special about running Windows on a Mac?

It seems to me that ever since Apple switched to Intel CPUs there is no more exciting topic than the ins and outs about running Windows on a Mac. Macworld is running an article called “The Best of Both Worlds” and argues that you need to run Windows just so that you are able to run Office 2007.

I just don’t get it. Continue reading

What about “Analog” Music Downloads?

When you read articles or listen to podcasts about digital music in general or iTunes and DRM in particular, you will notice that nearly everybody talks about “digital downloads”. People never talk about just downloads, as if it was special that they are digital.

Now, when you talk about music, then the qualifier digital makes a little bit more sense since it could be analog, but even that is not true unless you listen to records or tapes. But with regard to the computer, everything is digital, the documents, the pictures, the music, and the movies, so in an effort to keep things simple, and to make them not sound more important/or more complicated then they are, lets just call it download because there is no such thing as an analog download.

Widescreen Workflow Topics with LiveType and Final Cut Express

This is just a quick link to two knowledge base articles on Apples website regarding:

Final Cut Express: DV widescreen 16:9 workflow for iDVD


LiveType: How to create anamorphic titles for 16:9 DV

Windows Tweaks Repository

In my search to turn off the annoying beep when changing the volume in Windows (see previous post), I stumbled across this site that has a host of tips and tricks how to customize and tweak various versions of windows.

Among other things, there are lists discussing of common annoyances, customizations, networking, clutter reduction, and performance.

Turn-off Beep When Changing Volume in Windows

Read on to find out how to turn off the annoying sound when changing the volume in Windows. Two steps are necessary to make sure no beep will be heard. Continue reading

Mac Development at Google

Macworld had an interesting article today about the Mac development efforts at Google. Probably most interesting was a link to a Google site dedicated just to Mac software development: Google Mac Developer Playground.

Chumby — May just be the Alarm Clock of my Dreams

One of my first posts on this blog was a description of my idea alarm clock: Dreaming about an Alarm Clock. One of my key desired features was to set a separate alarm for each day of the week. Every time a new iPod radio alarm has been released, I eagerly read the online documentation, just to be disappointed again. Today I saw this article about a new rather strange “gadget’: The Chumby. Continue reading