Daily Archives: July 12, 2008

Anlaiyss of Txet Jnmlubig and Litebigily

As the title of this post — Analysis of Text Jumbling and Legibility — demonstrates, jumbled text is not always as legible as is the widespread (mis)belief spurred by frequent mass mailings with texts like this: Continue reading

Print Address Labels & Return Address Labels with OS X Address Book

If you want to print address labels for mass mailings, you cannot do that with Apple’s Pages, because Pages puts only one address per page in its mail merge function. This is fine, if you want to write a lot of identical letters to different people and also want to add custom printed envelopes. But If you don’t want to feed each envelope individually into your printer, you need address labels. Continue reading

Mac OS X 10.5: Finder may not fully “load”

For reference, I just saw the following information in the weekly list of Apple Support updates: With Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, the Finder may not fully “load.” The Finder might not respond (the Force Quit Window may also not respond), or you may only see a Finder menubar with only Spotlight and the Apple menu on it.