Installing iPhone SDK 2.x on PPC

This post is really just an edited summary of instructions found elsewhere. I used instructions from two sources (here incl. comments, and here), the first of which is slightly outdated and incomplete. Here’s the full story:

  1. Install X-Code from the OSX CD. I only installed the “Developer Tools Essentials” and the “System Tools”. Alternatively, install the “iPhone SDK.mpkg”. The actual iPhone packages will not get installed in this step.
  2. Open the iPhone SDK disk image and go to the Packages folder. Install all 8 packages that start with iPhone, in particular:
    • iPhoneDocumentation.pkg
    • iPhoneHostSideTools.pkg
    • iPhoneSDK2_0.pkg
    • iPhoneSDK2_1.pkg
    • iPhoneSDK2_2.pkg
    • iPhoneSDKHeadersAndLibs.pkg
    • iPhoneSimulatorPlatform.pkg
    • iPhoneSystemComponents.pkg
  3. This will create three folders and an “About iPhone SDK.pdf” file in the root folder of you “Macintosh HD”, namely
    • Platforms
    • Documentation
    • Examples
  4. Move the “About iPhone SDK.pdf” into your “Macintosh HD/Developer” folder and the contents of these folders into the corresponding folders in your “Macintosh HD/Developer” folder. For this and the next step you need admin rights.
  5. Next, drill down into: “/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneSimulator.platform/Developer/
    Library/Xcode/Specifications/”. In this directory, you will find a file called “iPhone Simulator Architectures.xcspec”. Make a backup of it and replace it with this file.
  6. After relaunching Xcode, iPhone application templates will be available from the New Project template chooser. Pick any, hit “Build and Go” and the App should start up in the iPhone simulator

For free application programming lessons, go to this website (Stanford University) to download lecture notes and other information for “CS193P iPhone App Programming”. There you will also find links to the free video podcasts.


2009-06-20 Update: Today I tried to upgrade my Xcode installation from 3.1.2 to 3.1.3. After the upgrade install, Xcode would not start, but rather choose to crash every time I tried to start it. Not knowing where the problem might lie, I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled Xcode 3.1.3, and then reinstalled iPhone SDK as described above.

Alas, it still crashes. I found the answer here:

Warning: Xcode 3.1 3 works only with the iPhone SDK packages delivered with the iPhone 3.0 SDK. If you have installed previous releases of the iPhone SDK, you must upgrade to the current release of the iPhone SDK when upgrading to Xcode 3.1.3. You can still develop for iPhone OS 2.0 through 2.2.1 as well as 3.0 using the iPhone 3.0 SDK.

2009-06-21 Update: I am afraid to have to report that the same approach does not work for iPhone SDK 3.0 and Xcode 3.1.3. While I can install and run Xcode, an open a template iPhone app, it will compile with an error and I have not been able to figure out how to get it to work. So I am reverting back to Xcode 3.1.2 and iPhone SDK 2.x. This comment says, it is not possible.

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  1. hi, you explain the whole scenario as well but i am having a problem , first time i installed with the default installer , i got the error in interface builder , that interface builder cannot open these types of files and ibcocoatouchplugin . 2nd time i installed using pacifist , after the installation i got another error which totaly different from the previous one, it says that , iphone identity and did’nt match the installed certificate something like that , please let me know that what should i do? im using powerbook g4, and 10.5 version installed, Remember i tried to install iphone sdk 3.0 , which is free downloadable from apple’s web site,


    • Yasir, please read my “2009-06-21 Update” above: As far as I know, it is not possible to run iPhone SDK 3.0 applications on PPC.

  2. Hi!

    I’ve successfully installed iPhoneSDK 2.2.1 with Xcode 3.1.2. The iPhoneSimulator works like a charm. But I can’t install my app on my iPod Touch (it’s the latest with FW 3.1.2).

    I realise you officially need a provisioning profile ($99) but many say that you can bypass that by doing doing the following:

    Add these two lines to /Developer/Platforms/IPhoneOS.platform/Info.plist in the OverrideProperties key:


    But this does work. It still says my provisioning profile has an invalid signature. Do I have to buy the this profile or is there a way around it?

    My mac:
    OS: Leopard 10.5.8
    iBookG4 1,33 Ghz
    1 GB RAM
    iPod Touch 3rd Gen. FW 3.1.2


  3. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi, to install iphone app on iphone, you musy have jailbreak device, than copy app in /Application directory anche execute ldid -S path_app using mobile terminal, respring and you can see your app 🙂

  5. I’m trying to install on the identical platform as philip but to no avail. I’ve the steps lister here as well as others found online. I get everything installed but the build fails. The build fails with error stating, “IBCocoaTouchPlugin no suitable image found” Any suggestions? I’ve been working on this all day!

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