Convert Mac .webloc files to Windows-compatible hyperlinks

An ideal solution would simply convert the .webloc files to .url files. I am still looking for such a solution, in the meantime, a trick I found here works well:

Open Textedit, click and drag .webloc files or URL (from Safari) into document, an Http link is formed. Press right arrow key to go to end of line, then press Return twice. Repeat.

You can save as many links as you like, or open up the file later and add more links. Save it as a .rtf document (default) and it can be used in Windows or Mac.

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  1. I’ve written a small utility using winbatch that automatically opens .webloc and .ftploc files in a web browser of the user’s preference.

    Let me know if this is of interest to you.



    • Thomas this sounds interesting except for the fact that Winbatch is not exactly cheap. Do your scripts work as a normal batch file? Feel free to post them as a comment; someone might find them useful.

  2. i had about 100 subdirectories, some nested, containing webloc files (plist type) to convert.
    i figured out a powershell one-liner that worked for me
    gci -Include *.webloc -Recurse | % {([IO.File]::ReadAllText($_)) -replace "<(?s).*?t([^<]+).*",("[InternetShortcut]`n"+'url=$1') | sc -path ([IO.Path]::ChangeExtension( $_, "url")) }
    with help from
    these two sites.

    use at your own risk

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