Repair “All Contacts” Bug after iOS 4.2 Upgrade

After upgrading to iOS 4.2 on my iPhone 4 I noticed a strange behavior. When going to your Contacts App and selecting the “All Contacts” group, only 26 contacts show up, one each under one heading of the alphabet, i.e., one for ‘A’, one for ‘B’ and so forth. The names that showed up were not even the correct ones for those letters.

The weird thing is that all contacts were there. Searching for them revealed them without a problem.

For me it was solved pretty easily as follows:

  1. Go to iTunes, and unselect to sync contacts
  2. When asked if you want to remove contacts from phone, do so
  3. Sync your phone
  4. Go back, and select to sync contact again
  5. Sync again
  6. Everything should be back to normal

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