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Compressing Double Layer DVDs

The wedding movie mentioned in the previous post is actually over three hours long and does not fit onto a single layer DVD. While I did buy a package of double layer (DL) DVDs I was rather shocked about their price. At nearly $2.2 they are more than 5 times as expensive as single layer DVDs. In this article, I found a useful hint of how to use Toast to compress double layer DVDs. Here’s how to do it: Continue reading

Widescreen Menus in iDVD

I just finished a nice widescreen movie from my sister’s wedding and I figured, if the movie is widescreen I might as well make the menu widescreen as well. I only have a standard 4:3 TV, but am used to watch widescreen movies with a letter-box, i.e., black bars on top and bottom. Naturally I expected the menu to also be letter-boxed, alas, that’s not the case. Continue reading

“TV Safe Area” Nuisance in iDVD

When creating a DVD menu in iDVD, there is an option from the Tools menu called “Show TV Safe Area”. What this means is that pretty much anything outside that box won’t show up on your TV. It also won’t show up on you computer when testing the DVD from a disk image. Continue reading