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Installing iPhone SDK 2.x on PPC

This post is really just an edited summary of instructions found elsewhere. I used instructions from two sources (here incl. comments, and here), the first of which is slightly outdated and incomplete. Here’s the full story: Continue reading

Aperture Library Size Considerations

I’ve been toying around with Trial Version of Apple’s Aperture for some time now, but still am not convinced that it is worth upgrading from my iView MediaPro/iPhoto workflow. Prior to Aperture 2.0, speed was my main concern with Aperture 1.5 running painstakingly slow on my iMac G5 (iSight). After version 2.0 came out I gave it another try and I find the speed improvements quite remarkable, however, my 12″ G4 PowerBook does not meet the minimum specs and Aperture won’t install on it. Even if I could bypass the hardware check, I am not sure that it would be a very satisfying experience.

The size of the Aperture Library is another issue altogether. Continue reading

12″ PB HDD Upgrade

Here’s an interesting first hand report on upgrading the hard drive in a 12″ PowerBook. It’s the same kind of laptop I have had for a number of years now and I also have been wondering if it is a worthwhile effort. After searching online and reviewing upgrade guidelines I had decided that it was too much trouble and instead opted for cleaning up my hard drive to remove electronic clutter. Fortunnately, I had enough foresight to order a built-to-order laptop with the largest HDD offered at the time, 100 GB, still not to bad even by today’s standards. If all it takes is one hour, the procedure may not be as bad as I thought is was, we’ll see…