Daily Archives: March 22, 2007

Traffic Fatalities

Yesterday I saw an article in AAA news quoting that the number of traffic deaths in the US went up in 2005. Some time ago I heard on the German Tagesschau news that the number of traffic deaths in Germany went down in 2005. A few years ago news about a decline in German traffic deaths prompted me to compare these two countries’ traffic deaths per capita and found out that in the US the number was quite a bit higher. At first that might be surprising considering the much higher driven highway speeds back in Germany. People here usually are shocked when you tell them that folks in Germany routinely drive as fast as 90 MPH and it’s not unusual to get passed on the highway when doing 100. Here’s an interesting link about the German Autobahn.

So, today I went back and looked at the statistics again, and the numbers are, quite frankly, rather shocking. Continue reading