Graffiti 1 Still Works

A couple of years ago I upgraded my Handspring Platinum to a Palm Tungsten E2. Primarily, I was looking for a higher resolution screen, a color screen, and Bluetooth. I read all the reviews and found it for a good price, but when I took it out of the box I found out that Palm had changed the Graffiti to Version 2. This apparently was meant to be more intuitive by only using lower case characters. This might work well if you are not used to this input method. In fact, my wife was able to use it right away.

Being an old time Palm user (before the Platinum I had a Palm IIIx), I was less than happy. Not only did I have to relearn an already learned alphabet, I also found Graffiti 2 more prone to misinterpreting my keystrokes. For example, it constantly confuses h and n, r and v, as well as g and y. I all but stopped using my Palm or started using the built-in keyboard which is not nearly as efficient for data entry.

Two days ago, more by coincidence than anything else, I tried one of the old Graffiti 1 strokes, a capital N, rather than the lower case n that is always mistaken for an h — and it worked!

Today I dusted off my old Platinum (because I had forgotten many of the Graffiti 1 strokes) and tested all of them on my Tungsten. Here’s the result: Except for i , k, q, t, and v all the original Graffiti 1 strokes still work. In particular this means I still can use capital N instead of n, capital R instead of r, and capital G instead of g to remedy the recognition problems of Graffiti 2.

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