Does the World Need Tinted Rear Windows?

After writing yesterday’s post, today I observed cars and in particular their rears with a fresh keen sense. It seems to me now that the key factor inhibiting good forward looking habits are tinted rear windows. Practically all large cars such as SUVs, pick-up trucks, and mini-vans have them these days. The only exception are much older models which are rare. Tractor trailers and delivery vans are impenetrable anyway, so all that leaves is passenger cars. And I even saw some of those with tinted windows; Typically either luxury limousines or souped-up ghetto cars.


This is the question I am turning over and over in my brain. Nothing useful comes to mind. To the contrary, I come up with reasons that speak against them. And I am not talking about the ability to see through from behind.

Rather, I am thinking of the ability to see through from within. It cannot be easy. Especially if you wearing sunglasses as many people do these days. What’s the benefit. It’s not as if you are in constant danger of getting blinded by the sun through the rear window. Sure, the sun sometimes comes from the back, but that’s what the dimming feature is for; newer cars even do this automatically.

So, in summary, tinted rear windows make the road less safe for following vehicles by effectively reducing their ability to scan the traffic in front of them, and they also make the road less safe for the driver reducing his/her ability to see what’s behind.

The question remains why there are more and more cars with tinted rear windows. I encourage everyone to comment on this topic, in favor or not, to shed some light on this topic.

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