Monthly Archives: October 2007

“Archive and Install” Anomalies

This Macworld article has a good comprehensive overview of the different installation options when upgrading the operating system. What I found particularly interesting is the following comment about the archive and install option: Continue reading

Techsupport for your Family

Here’s a great little article outlining some new Leopard features that will help you to help your family and parents with their computer problems. Continue reading

Unlearning Windows Habbits: Not Trivial

So a month ago, I finally took the plunge, or rather, I plunged my parents into switching to the Mac platform after years of Windows agony for them, and for me trying to explain things to them. No more. I set up an VNC remote administration to be able to help them through the transition and for all other questions of which there are always plenty, new operating system or not. This will be the topic of a different post. Now all is easy. Right. Continue reading

External Home Directory in Leopard

Of all the new features in Leopard, the one I read about today may just be the most exciting. At least for people that regularly use more than one Mac, yet like to have all their files available all the time. In the past that meant some painful synchronization. I am using ChronoSync to accomplish this, but there are many other options. See here for an interesting discussion on this topic. Read on to find what might just be a much more convenient solution… Continue reading

iWork ’08 took a Diet

The updates of iWork ’08 are definitely worth to upgrade. The new features have been described in detail elsewhere so I won’t go into that here. But what I have not read anywhere so far is the amazing diet iWork went onto… Continue reading

The Return of Voice Control

I don’t know about you, but I am less than thrilled by the recent re-emergence of voice activated phone selections. Call any airline, insurance, credit card, or online store these days, and more likely than not (in the authors experience) you will be presented with a menu that requests you “SAY” the option, rather than just push a number on the keypad. This trend seems to have gotten stronger during, say, the last 1-2 years. Only upon not saying anything, do you sometimes get the option to push a number button instead.

A long time ago, phone menus were voice operated, but functioned poorly. Companies realized that and switched to numbers. Back then, voice menus would tell you to hold the line if you were calling from a rotary phone. Now that technology has improved, voice-recognition is back. But why remove the option to punch a number key? Have rotary phones have seen a revival in the last two years? Clearly not. Continue reading

Future Traffic – Dark Times

I just have to write another update on my tinted window posts. In the past I talked about SUVs/Pickups/Minivans as well as certain kinds of passenger cars (either luxury limousines or souped-up ghetto cars). Unfortunately, I now find that this is not true any more either. I see more and more “normal” cars with tinted windows, and not only rear windows and rear side windows, frequently even FRONT SIDE windows; on all sorts of conventional passenger cars. Continue reading