Edit Google Maps Locations

This just in from MacWorld: Now you can edit the location of your house, business, etc on Google Maps as long as you have an account with Google. I just fixed the location of my house three lots over, works great. Click here for help and guidelines how to use the feature.

Two points to note:

At first I had difficulty to edit the location, because you first have to click ‘Edit’, and then you have to click ‘Move Marker’. The problem is that already after clicking edit I thought I could move the marker, because when pointing at the marker the mouse cursor changed. This is a small interface glitch that needs to get fixed.

Also, when moving the marker, don’t stray too far from the road, because locations away from roads are not included when directions are computed. I tried to move the marker diagonally from the road to the entrance of my office, and that resulted in the directions pointing somewhere else than the entrance to the main driveway. So in conclusion, when moving away from the road, move it perpendicularly. More scientifically expressed, move it orthogonally to the tangent on the road at the point you would like the directions to begin or end.

Happy editing!

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