Adobe Acrobat (Pro) XI Install Error on OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)

Have you had difficulty installing Acrobat 11 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2? I did too. And of course the solution is easy if you know how.

On Lion I had no problems, but on Mountain Lion after every install there was an error telling me the install did not succeed. In fact, Acrobat did work, bu no updates could be installed.

There was a mysterious error 1301. My research indicated that one should install as a root user, an account that is typically disabled on a Mac because it is very powerful and generally not needed. Alas, that did not fix the problem.

At last, I found the culprit in a preference file as discussed at the very end of this long  discussion:

Here’s what needs to be done: Remove this file: /Library/Preferences/com.adobe.PDFAdminSettings.plist

Afterwards the installation proceeded fine as a root user, however, I am fairly certain, that a normal admin user is sufficient. If you don’t know how to enable and use root user, it is discussed here:

the instructions given for Lion also apply to Mountain Lion.

Good Luck!

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