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How to disable Java on Mac OS X

With all the recent scare about Java on Mac OS X I spend a lot of time looking for good guides of how to disable or uninstall it. Unfortunately, good information is hard to find.

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Duplicate Database Structure in Bento 4

Bento 4 comes with a nice set of templates. It is also easy to customize these templates; however, once customized, there is no straightforward way to duplicate a database. For instance in my case I customized the “Vehicle Maintenance” Template by replacing the ‘Location’ field with a drop down menu populated by various places I go for my car service. I did not want to set this up from scratch for another vehicle. Continue reading

Up-Button in Windows 7 Explorer

Having been recently converted to Windows 7 one of the first thing I noticed is the lack of the “up” button in explorer. Since I have many shortcuts to frequently used directories, the “back” does not do the same thing in most cases. Fortunately, there is an easy shortcut key as I found out here:

Use ALT-(up arrow)

Unfortunately, ALT-(down arrow) does not bring you back again.

White Apple Bluetooth Keyboard Not Compatible With iPhone 4

The title says it all. Here’s the official statement from Apple:

This is very upsetting.

Wired or Wireless Time Machine Backup to Hard Disk Connected to Another Mac on Your Local Network

Ever since I decided to start using Time Machine it has been bugging me that I could not figure out how to back up my my iMac to an attached FireWire HDD and my PowerBook to the the same HDD over the Network. Of course I could buy TimeCapsule, but I wanted to make it work with what I had. You can find tips to active an attached HDD on an Airport Extreme or other network location (e.g., here, or here), but I was not interested in that. Also, there are some solutions out there for using Leopard Server (e.g., here, )

The solution presented below requires just one one desktop Mac with an external HDD (I use firewire, but I would expect USB to work as well), one Mac laptop, and any local wireless network (I use my ATT U-verse modem/router). I learnt that I wanted to do is possible from this Macworld article, alas, it does not give detailed instructions. read on to find out how it works.

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Prevent Time Machine Backups of Podcasts

If you don’t want to fill-up your Time Machine backup with dayly or weekly news podcastsm they can easily be excluded.


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Prevent Time Machine Backups of iTunes Movie Rentals

Leopard’s Time Machine has an option to exclude certain folders from being backed-up. iTunes movie rentals which usually weigh in with greater than 1 GB are a prime example for what should not be backed-up. Unfortunately, movie rentals are stored in iTunes’ Movie folder–along with all your other movies that you may have purchased, or made yourself. So what to do?

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Uses for the USB port of Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme, AirPort Express

This is something I always wondered about. This Apple Support article explains very detailedly what works and what doesn’t.

Replacing An Old Honeywell/Crane Mercury Thermostat

Mine has this model number T86A7X103BD2. This blog post, describes a similar model and the instructions worked for me. In my case, the cables were actually red and blue which made it easier to connect them.

iWeb ’09 Adds FTP Support

Apparently Apple finally listened to the many users requesting direct FTP support. Quote:

Rather use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to publish to a different hosting service? With the built-in FTP support in iWeb, you can do that, too.

I am curious to see if this works as seamlessly as syncing via .Mac or MobileMe…