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iMovie ’08 Update: Apple indirectly admits shortcomings

I just read on Macworld that Apple offers iMovie HD as a free download to iLife ’08 customers. This seems equivalent to admitting that this upgrade is none, why else would you want to download an 18 month old program when you just upgraded?

The referenced article also has a good discussion on the topic. The best I’ve seen to date on this. From this I learned even more shocking news: Continue reading

iMovie ’08 = utter disappointment

My initial joy of the redesigned iMovie ’08 UI with clip browser did not last very long. Last night I checked out the tutorials and the getting started manual, and after reading some research today it appears all too clear that iMovie ’08 did away with the timeline. Inconceivable! Continue reading

Authoring in iMovie HD (iLife ’06)

Authoring my first movie in iMovie took quite some time for three reasons, first because I didn’t know the program, second, because I didn’t have a fine tuned workflow, and last not least, because it was footage from my wedding, so of course I wanted it perfect, so I went back many times to redo it. My next movie was from my father in law’s 50th birthday party, and things went a lot smoother and I figured out a few more tricks because I made a more elaborate soundtrack with GarageBand. The wedding movie did not require that because all the sound was kept pretty much as filmed.

Here now are the steps that I found work best for me: Continue reading