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Installing iPhone SDK 2.x on PPC

This post is really just an edited summary of instructions found elsewhere. I used instructions from two sources (here incl. comments, and here), the first of which is slightly outdated and incomplete. Here’s the full story: Continue reading

Cocoa at Last

This is my first article in a while now. The reason is that I finally got into learning how to program in Cocoa for Mac OS X. Only recently did I manage pass the initially steep learning curve. Now things are easier and I make noticeable progress almost daily. I keep adding to my long time pet project, a fractal generator. Continue reading

OS X-like Dock Menu on the Web

This is just a quick note, Mac-loving web designers might find interesting. I just stumbled upon a really neat menu design at this website www.webprint.nl (somebody at that IP address found my blog, and that’s how I found them). It’s all in Dutch, but to see what I am talking about, you don’t need to know Dutch. Simply point your mouse at the symbols on the bottom of the screen. Pretty cool, huh?